Acoustic insulation at home

In order to achieve a high level of comfort while staying in the house, our engineers have created special materials to improve the sound insulation of the floor, walls and ceiling units. Each product is certified and fully compliant with modern quality standards. In this section on acoustic insulation in the home, we will look at the features of sound insulation in an ordinary home.

Systems for insulating house planes

For the purpose of sound insulation of walls and ceilings can be used: frame-type systems, which are installed on a metal profile and frameless systems, which are necessary to create a higher level of sound absorption (ZIPS plates).

This section on home soundproofing contains some information on materials, here is a catalogue.

The main materials that we use are these: Ticho Standart, Ticho P, Ticho K. To further enhance their properties, it is recommended to lay them in several layers. If you need to improve the vibration isolation properties, you can use Ticho B (business), Ticho F systems. You can also use decorative materials that contribute to high-quality sound insulation of the room.

Sounf proof Procces