Roll-up Sound Insulation

Roll Noise and Sound Insulation

Rolled material for sound insulation is used quite often today. Depending on the type of housing, different types of insulation materials are chosen. In this article, we will look at the types of noise and sound insulation roll-fed materials and when they are installed. Roll-up materials for sound insulation in an apartment

For elite housing it is customary to use such a quality roll material as Ticho Standart. If the building belongs to a conventional type of housing, Ticho P (praktisch) is used. By eye, these materials are quite similar, but they have different thickness and sound absorption coefficient. To make your choice, you can consider all relevant information.

Materials for soundproofing the floor

A wide variety of materials are currently being selected for soundproofing the floor. Floor soundproofing is a serious problem. And solutions in this area offer a wide variety. Our employees work with the most modern materials to date: Ticho Slim and Ticho Standart. These materials are used on a wide variety of objects. They can be used not only for soundproofing walls and floors, but also for creating floor screeds. Their small disadvantage is their thickness of 200 mm. If the customer wants to get quality noise protection with a lower thickness of the material, we can offer him Ticho K and Ticho P. When working with Ticho K and Ticho P, our specialists pay attention to the eco-friendliness of the material, its ease of installation and how easy it can be processed by all possible means. In addition to these materials, we can also recommend cork, which is also available in rolls. The cork is characterized by attenuation of resonance and high frequency waves.

Problems of sound insulation in the apartment are constantly in the spotlight. As a result, more and more new materials are being developed and used in a wide range of conditions. Many of these materials are fully represented in the catalog of our site.