Milkshake in a Blender: a Step by Step Recipe

A milkshake is not just a treat coming from childhood, it is a very useful dessert drink. Rather, they can not only quench their thirst but simply “drown out” the feeling of hunger on a hot day, because milkshakes are quite high-calorie.

Not every child will so easily agree to drink a glass of milk, no matter how you convince him of its usefulness Well, it is unlikely that he will refuse a sweet, fruit cocktail, that’s for sure.

The basis for the cocktail is, of course, milk and ice cream. And some syrup is used as the classic and simplest supplement this adds both sweetness and a certain rich taste.

But you can easily replace the syrup with fresh or frozen fruits and berries, add honey as a sweetener, coffee, chocolate In general, hello to your imagination and individual preferences!

  • Total cooking time – 0 hours 10 minutes
  • Active cooking time – 0 hours 10 minutes
  • Cost very – economical
  • Calories per 100 g – 84 kcal
  • Servings Per Container – 4 Servings

How to Make a Milkshake


  • Milk 500 ml;
  • Ice cream 250 g;
  • Syrup to taste to any;
  • Berry to taste any;
  • Fruits to taste any;
  • Ice optional.


1. Adhering to just a few principles, in the presence of simple kitchen gadgets and simplest products, at home, without much work in a very short time, you can prepare milkshakes with various fruit additives for every taste.

The whole cooking method consists only in whipping milk, ice cream and all kinds of sweet flavors in a blender.

2. The main one can be noted only a few points:

  • milk should be chilled, about +6 degrees;
  • it is better to choose ice cream without fillers, creamy ice cream is just the perfect choice (before whipping it needs to be slightly defrosted, it is preferable to a semi-soft consistency);
  • the cocktail needs to be whipped at high speed in a large container (to avoid splashing) until a thick foam is formed here’s a blender or mixer to help you;

3. Combine:

  • berries and fruits should be selected those that are combined with milk (it is possible to curl milk from citrus fruits, as from lemons, for example);
  • if you add ice cubes to the cocktail for more cooling, then in the variant with frozen berries, ice can be ignored;
  • Also, berries and fruits can be pre-grated through a strainer to get rid of seeds, like in raspberries or currants, for example, or from hard fibers, like in pineapple or melon, and then beat the mashed mass with milk and ice cream.

4. Although these large pieces have their own charm, you just need to take a tube thicker or just “eat” this thick cocktail with a spoon this is also possible, whoever likes it!

After preparation, pour the cocktail into tall glasses and serve with a straw. It is better to drink a milkshake immediately after preparation fresh until the whipped foam has settled.

It is not recommended to store the finished cocktail, even in the refrigerator milk may curdle from fruit acids. Therefore, it is better to cook as many servings as you can drink immediately.

5. And still: a milkshake, in principle, can be prepared by taking kefir, fermented baked milk or yogurt as a basis After all, there are people who do not use milk for medical reasons.

You can always experiment here, and maybe even invent your own cocktail recipe.

Go for it! Your kids and not only will be happy and content!