We were approached by a client with the problem of poor wall soundproofing. He was worried about such noises as speaking, and the TV’s audibility was very high. The experts on the measurement found that the concrete wall between apartments did not provide acceptable sound insulation of the room because it was less than 150 mm. And there was also a rigid inner wall junction to this concrete wall.

Decisions taken

After measuring the room and talking to the customer, it was decided to install additional sound insulation on a frame basis. Our specialists made calculations and provided them to the customer. After that they signed the contract and started the works.

Technical features of installation of sound insulation of the wall in the apartment.

Soundproofing system on a metal frame 27 * 28 and 27 * 60. The racks are mounted through an elastomeric damper on the suspension. Adjoining points of the guide profile are made through the damper gasket “Knauf”. The profile itself needs to be fixed to a rigid base (concrete). For this purpose, a trim of the floor covering is required, which is clearly shown in this version. The frame is filled with mineral wool slabs of a certain hardness of 38-55 kg/m3. This is necessary for noise absorption in the space between the soundproofing cladding (panel and GFBL sheet) and the wall. Further, the soundproofing panels are attached to the stand in this case 15 mm panels with the weight of 21.5 kg/m2. The joints and connections are smeared with acoustic sealants, for complete sealing of all structures. On the second layer of cladding it is necessary to apply a damper mesh 35-40 cm before fixing to the posts. The whole system takes about 7.5 cm.

Timing of work performed.

Delivery of the material is scheduled for tonight. On the second day, the complete installation of sound insulation of the wall was started and finished.

The customer’s opinion.

Alex, this is the name of our customer was satisfied with both the work of our specialists, and the system itself. “Thank you guys very much for your speed, frankly speaking, I did not think that we could meet such deadlines. Personally, I counted on 4-5 days, and here in two days. From the effect I can say that the sound is not lost at all, it stayed somewhere far away and then if you listen. Personally, it was removed by a percentage of 50-70. In general, I’m happy with it.”